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Michael Thomas airs grievance with Saints, Derek Carr on social media

For the fourth straight season, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas missed a significant amount of time due to an injury.

Only this time, it appears the 30-year-old wideout, who’s missed 47 games over the last four years, is blaming his 2023 season being cut short on quarterback Derek Carr after Thomas suffered a season-ending knee injury in the first quarter of New Orleans’ 27-19 loss to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 10.

“Well if I didn’t get set up by a bad ball I probably would’ve had a light little 1k yards this year but could of should of I know I get it lol,” Thomas tweeted in response to a fan telling him if he could stay healthy he could put up numbers like he did when Drew Brees was his quarterback.

The same fan suggested a change of scenery would be good for Thomas, who seemed to agree, presumably unhappy with his role in the Saints new offense.

“On top of that they wasn’t even trying to get me the ball but it’s no denying my style of play it don’t age playa you will see,” Thomas responded.

During the play in question, Carr hit Thomas for what would have been a minimal gain but the ball was knocked loose by Vikings defensive back Akayleb Evans before he had complete control. Thomas jumped in the air to grab the ball and as he came down, he landed awkwardly on his right knee.

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